Monday, December 10

There's still hope. A story about giving back to those in need.

Love and Life Poetry. With Eve Sanchez podcast. Episode 10. There's still hope.

Listen to this great story which is really 3 stories combined.

It starts with my own story of need and then goes on to explain how I decided to start giving back and the heartwarming story of the two families that inspired this episode.

This is not a poem but a nice talk about homelessness and it explains the purpose of Hope and how to get hope if you find yourself in a situation of need.

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Saturday, December 1

Tuesday, November 27

Poemas de Amor con Eve Sanchez podcast. "La Noche"

He creado un podcast nuevo para mis queridos amigos y familiares que no hablan Ingles.

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Muchas gracias por su tiempo.
 Su amiga quien los quiere:


Friday, November 23

Love and Life Poetry With Eve Sanchez Podcast. Ep 1: "I'll take care of your ego"

Hello everyone,
I briefly mentioned the new book I'm writing and I've started to think outside the box to promote it and my writings because the future I see of me in my head is me writing under a huge tree in the yard of my home! So I have to write and I have to share!
I've had a YouTube channel for years that I haven't done much with but I want to start using. But I decided instead of waiting to see when it feels right, I'll just start a podcast! So I did! Click on the link below to access episode 1. I shared the podcast episode on YouTube so that turned out great!
If you like it, make sure to return often. I plan on having many episodes and I'll make sure to share each on the blog. I will make them longer as I go but for now I will read one poem in each. I already have two more episodes ready! I'm very excited about this project and I have more projects up my sleeve so return to read about what I'm up to often if you love poetry.
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and have an amazing holiday and a great New year.
Thank you for reading.

Thursday, November 22

Poetry Shared Board on Pinterest

If you are a poet, you need ways of connecting with poetry lovers.
And if you are a poetry lover, you need to find poets to follow.

Both will benefit from either following or joining the Pinterest board linked below. 
This board has 2041 followers right now but I'm promoting it. 
This will be my biggest board, I'm working on it!
  This one will be bigger than my heels shared board, my biggest one right now.

One thing you can do is go through my Pinterest and any boards that are not my personal boards, you can join and pin to. 

Did you know that shared boards are an excellent way to get more followers fast? It's true. This was my tactic! 

Follow me on Pinterest for me to be able to add you to the shared board.

Let's talk again soon!


Tuesday, November 20

My New Poetry Book

I'm writing a poetry book that I will publish next year. I'm in the process of adding more poems because even though I have a lot of really great ones already, I like quality and quantity. I want a minimum of 60 great poems. To see samples read some of my previous posts.

Until the book is ready, I am promoting the poems I do have which I put in a Word Doc. If you would like to get a copy by email, either comment, email or message me on Instagram

Where do you promote your poetry?

If you love reading poetry or
you are a poet who needs to promote your poems, then join the Pinterest poetry group through the link below! It gets updated a lot, poetry lovers are very active! As are poets like myself. It's perfect really, busy poets writing and hungry (for knowledge and inspiration) readers devour any writings they can get their hands on. I love both poets and poetry readers, if you are either, let's connect!

If you are a member of any other poetry groups, please invite me!

And of course, follow me on Pinterest.