Wednesday, July 31

The Sex Poems. Half Good Poem T Shirt, Pillow, Socks, And More.

 Good morning everyone, 

Is it too early for some sexy inspiration? 
Did I hear perfect timing?

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You probably already know that I love fashion design, unless this is your first time in which case,
Welcome! Find poetry, drawings, fashion design, paper dolls, podcasts, videos, hiking pictures, Essential oils, Spanish posts, etc. on this blog. Find me on Social Media. 

Fashion Design is one of my favorite hobbies! I love to draw paper dolls, fashion illustrations and make clothes, I also love to crochet.

But as I have been becoming a new Eve who is a famous poet, I have been spending most of my energy writing poems and sharing them in the form of podcasts, videos, and blogging poetry.
I love poetry more than anything right now and my goal is to publish my first poetry book very soon,
Titled Love and Life Poetry. This book has three chapters, The Love, The sex, and the life. 

I love to draw (I say I love a lot! But I really mean it so it's ok) 
But I'm not as much of a natural drawing as I am writing poems.
Poetry is really my thing! I am a total natural! 

What I mean, of course is that poems come through my head very naturally!
They're thoughts, and often come complete.
I just capture them and write them down...
Or I could forget them! 

But with drawing/ painting, there is effort, practice, intellect, learning...
Mistakes, persistence, repetition...

I don't experience any of these when it comes to writing poetry!
I don't understand writer's block...

But I love to combine poetry with art! 
I'm very visual of course. 
This particular poem, Half Bad took me a minute to write after I received some inspiration,
However, the art, took me about two days! 
Drawing with pencils and pens, burnt edges.

"Half Good"

You don't want a girl who's bad.
You don't  want one who's too good.
The reason you love me is
I'm only half good. That's it. 

This poem is part of The Sex poems, chapter 2 of my book.

With such a great poem and such great art how could I not share this and it's been loved! 
The podcast episode when I read this poem has received the most views and downloads of all! 
Even though it's one of my first ones and I was still an absolute beginner at podcasting!

Of course my fashion design roots grow deep! 
And I have been involved in the design of my clothes since childhood! 
(very quickly)
I was born in Cuba and my mother always made me many clothes (she rocks)
Since being a kid I would tell her what I wanted my clothes to look like...
From adding a design element I liked to, choosing a picture to embroider as a kid, choosing color, length, adding a pocket or not, store bought clothes transformations...

So I decided to put my poems and quotes on T shirts! 
Because although my soul is a great poet 
(I believe my soul or some very helpful, knowledgeable, and insightful "thing"
dictates my poems or puts them there in my head, because it's not my intellect!)
I still follow my fashion design instincts.

Today I present to you my brand new T shirt (and other merchandise) shop

Paper Doll Eve on

 Are you feeling naughty today? Looking for a way to share that feeling? 

  Will this sexy tank tell your partner how specially naughty you're feeling? 
Or the world? 
I dare you to wear it!

Get the Half Good woman's tank top on the
Available in different colors.
It says Half Good on the back 

Or do you prefer the Women's Comfort T?

Women's T shirt available in different colors on the Paper Doll Eve shop Poetry by Eve Sanchez collection on

These socks will get you loads of attention! 
Talk about cool socks! I need more of these! Might be my favorite item in this listing.
I will wear these for sleeping, hiking, watching movies, anything!

I only wish I could have had them for school! 

Get these sex-y socks on the

But if you tend to be more provocative...

Will you wear these?

The picture is on the back! 
I guess don't mind people looking at your back side then...
Get these lovely leggings on the 

Or you could choose these amazing tote bag
This is a conversation starter! 

The back of the bag says Half Good.

Poetry for the Home

Does anybody like pillows?
Oh yes, everybody.

Do you need a statement pillow

Here it is! 
Would make a lovely present! 

If you're interested in hanging art and poetry, instead of wearing them...

I think the only thing I forgot was men's clothes...
Any men interested? 

Thank you very much for your support!
And if you love interesting T Shirts, you and I will be great friends,
Because I have many more designs coming.

Your good friend 
Eve Sanchez 
(Paper Doll Eve) 

Good vibes! 

Wednesday, May 22

I go forever. A poem by Eve Sanchez

I go forever. Read the original on the Poetizer app. 

I go forever 🤔🤔🤔

I go forever.
From that beginning
I don't remember,
To never ending.
I go forever. 
I go forever,
I have no bounds.
I will not accept them
Like chains on hands.
I go forever.

I go forever,
And they might try
But trying is useless
When I'm infinity
Inside a form. 
I go forever
And in my joy,
You might come visit
I will rejoice.
Let's go forever

Life is a ride.
It is a game
Of winning and
Eternal us.
There is one question:
Are you ready?
To accept 
You must first learn,
Are you ready
To embrace
That inner you?

Are you ready
To go forever ?
You go forever.
Just accept it!
Look within
Who is in? 
Below the ego
Below the fears
Below the shame
That is like a killer
Of personality
And authenticity.

Who is in there?
What is it saying?
What is the message
That goes forever?
You dare to share it
With much love
By Eve Sanchez.
This is what a delicious sunlight, garden morning meditation does to my soul 🎆
Make love with the 🌞

Tuesday, May 21

Paper Doll Eve shop on

Hi readers,

Thanks for visiting, hugs and kisses.

You might have seen that I started designing T shirts and other merch on

Here is the link to my store where I have different designs such as flower designs and you will love my Fearless designs.

Thank you for your support which helps this blog and my podcasts grow.

Your friend,
Eve Sanchez

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