Saturday, January 21

Belly Dancer Costumes Coloring Page. Trajes de bailarina para colorear.

Please download and color this lovely belly dancer costumes page
Let me know how much you love them so I can share many more.

Or email me your love letters (together with the colored page) at

This gorgeous paper doll was private 
But if you absolutely love her dresses and must have her 
Do Email Me! Nothing is imposible!
And I did draw and design her! I can draw even better ones already

I just thought of a dresses poem

Dresses, Dresses
Dresses, Dresses
Fashion Kisses
Dresses, Dresses.  

And just to be fair...

Un poemita a la moda

Vestidos de noche
Vestidos de dia
Vestidos de novia
La vida misma!


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