Sunday, January 1

Maya 2012 prediction, their calendars. Prediccion de los Maya 2012, sus calendarios.

The clock says Sunday, January 1st, 2012 and I can't believe it :)
The start of a new year, but this is a very important year...
It's 2012 and the world didn't end...
That makes us all survivors! Let's celebrate.
To make sure of this I talked to my dad yesterday, it was new year there 2 hrs before here!
They were having a blast!

Some of my conclusions 
They ran out of paper...I mean stone...
The high priest, who was in charge of making the calendars got sick of working and said 
the world is going to end...
The king or people funding it got sick of paying for the kings in the future to know the date...
They were all drunk the day it happened, just after the parties after the human sacrifice
and thought it would be funny...
And finally
We misunderstood what they had to say, how could they know anything about the future!

The facts
The Maya had a very complicated way of tracking time.
They had three different calendars.
The most important of these calendars is the one that started at the beginning of time 
and supposedly ends on the day the world ends.
The last day on these calendar is in the year 2012
I found discrepancy on the actual date...
The Maya knew a lot about Astrology.
They calculated the duration of a year better than the Greek could.

Whatever happens this year, party like it was your last one,
love and give more than the last one,
And of course be happy.

Everyone thanks for reading and have a great and safe 2012!

I finished reading a book yesterday! 


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