Sunday, January 1

Colorful crochet coin bag. Bolsita para monedas a crochet.

I want to start the year with lots of color!
This was a gift to a dear cousin of mine.

a braided string makes the bow

And finally this is Bella the paper doll.
This paper doll is free for anyone to download
If you are interested please say so that way I can make more clothes.
the best way to get all her clothes is by visiting my Facebook page Bella album

I just want to add that I'm very pleases with her body and clothes!
And the hair is very cute too
However I'm a beginner on faces, yeah...
This one is 200 times better than my last try though,
Which means that now I can draw eyes that are the same size lol
I said all that to let you know I'm going to draw a better Bella 
When I feel inspired to draw faces again
Though for right now I'd like to take a break on faces
Everything changes around here though...


  1. The coin bag is rather colourful. You can certainly do a wide range of drawings! Very talented indeed!

  2. Lovely coin bag,you are great at drawings thank you for share them with us :)

  3. Thank you Judy. I like colorful yarns, no matter the pattern, the bag or whatever you make will be awesome!

  4. Thank you Clairejustine It was my pleasure to share them with you.


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