Friday, January 13

Make a pillow, recycle useless clothes. Haga una almohada y recicle sus ropas viejas.

This is how I made this pillow.

Shredded  clothes as pillow filling. 
I learned this from my mom.
I destroyed so many clothes. I had great fun.
Although my boyfriend freaked out when he saw me...
Boyfriend: Do you have money to buy all those clothes again?
Belly Dancer: Silly, I'm going to make all my clothes. 
Do you think I need all these mass produced, factory made and ridiculously ugly clothes.
I don't!
From now on they are going to be filling for my pillows.
My clothes should be happy I'm going to give them any use at all!


  1. Brilliant, thanks, I will subscribe to you RSS soon!

  2. Remember my Grandma, who used to do the same, Made pillows out of shredded clothes.

  3. Thank you for sharing Dumpster dude. Good to know other people care about recycling!

  4. Love this idea! Thank you now I can put my old clothes to use!!

  5. Thank you sweetwahine! Thanks for playing along! You always feel good whe you recycle.Thanks for following me!

  6. Brilliant! Thanks so much for the great idea! I would have never remembered my Great-Grandma using her old stockings! I loved the feel of "real stuffed" pillows. Genius!

  7. Great idea, thanks for joining us on Creative Mondays :-)

  8. Thank you so much Fuller Flair! Always good to know of the people who give life again to old stuff others would call trash. And yes they are very comfortable. More than I remembered.

  9. Thank you so much Clairejustine and momto8. Thanks for visiting again. And I'll be joining Creative Mondays again for sure!

  10. This is a brilliant idea for scraps too! Waste not! :-)
    Thank you for sharing.

    Agy from Green Issues

  11. It is a great idea for scraps! In fact all my scraps are inside pillows now! Thanks for visiting!


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