Monday, January 23

Mosaic Monday. Drawing trees mosaic. Mosaico de arboles.

Mosaic Monday was Amanda's idea
Visit her blog everyone.

I was thinking about trees.
The pictures on my mosaic today are my own drawings. 

I learned from Amanda that today was handwriting day, 
Such a coincidence that my mosaic has my handwriting on it.
The handwriting is from a letter I sent a dear cousin of mine.

Remember to write something today
Maybe a letter to an old friend
Write on a Valentine card,
Why don't you go ahead and write a poem?
Whatever you do have fun!


  1. Nice! I really like the tree in the main pic :)

  2. Oh I love the peacock we had one for a while - he was called BOB The Chook. Great drawings.

  3. Thanks Amanda and Social Studies Soubrette. That's my favorite picture too. It took me forever to finish but mostly the peacock which was huge, the tree was easy.

  4. Thank you Mrs Linee. A peacock is a great pet to have isn't it? I want one anyways!

  5. Your mosaics are always so lovely. I like the message you added to this post. Take care.

  6. Thank you Judy! You should join us and have Mosaics of your own!


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