Friday, January 13

World Poetry Movement Contest, Love Poem. Poema de Amor.

I wrote a poem for a contest last month.
I usually don't write much other than here.
When I was a kid in school I wrote a poem once,
The teacher took us to the school park where there were short palm trees and huge Framboyan
(name in Spanish) During spring they are covered in red flowers, it's beautiful
And huge trees with pink flowers, the floor was covered with flowers off the tree.
I also wrote a story for a contest but didn't win, I didn't keep it, or the poem.

This is the second poem I ever wrote.
Today I got a letter in the mail saying my poem was selected as a semi-finalist.
There is 116 cash and gift prizes, including the 1000 dollars Grand Price.
But that is not the best...

My poem is going to be published!!!
...Featured on a page by itself on a Beautiful Coffee-Table Edition...
The name of the book is "Stars In Our Hearts" scheduled for publication in march 2012
It will be my most treasured birthday present!

I wrote a love poem
I'm going to post it on Valentine's
It's half English, half Spanish.
Although I was scared the person reading it might not understand it and throw it away
Maybe that is what made mine stand out!
I know 2012 is going to be a great year!


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