Sunday, February 26

Costume designs. Belly Dancer, Conga Dancer, Peacock fairy, Pirate. Peacock Dresses.

Come and visit  My Behance Portfolio
To find awesome designs like the ones below.

All designs are colored there. See this beautiful belly dancer dress.

Another gorgeous belly dancer dress, 
blue and purple, two of my favorite colors.

If you know me well you should know I love costumes,
I also love peacocks. And I love fairies!
This is how the peacock fairy was born.

With my sister in mind I drew this one. She goes crazy over pirates.
Anchor skirt pirate costume, boots and stockings, headband
And I'm loving drawing swords. 

The conga dancer. This is a very special costume. 
I'll dedicate one post to it and tell you why.

My peacock dresses, sigh. Did I mention I love peacocks?
So much I can't draw a paper doll without designing a few peacock dresses.

Peacock feather fabric dress
I am thinking of new peacock designs.