Thursday, March 15

Free pillow filling, how to recycle fabrics and clothes. Recicla tus ropas viejas y pedazos de tela.

We tend to not think about using old things, just throw them away and let's go shopping.
Well, not only can you save money by following this trick, it's a simple step towards a greener life.
(We all need that and so does this planet which could kill us if it got mad enough.)
It's very easy:
Just find fabrics you don't need or clothes you don't like, shred them
And fill a few pillows, dolls, teddy bears etc 

I'm working on filling this bag and when I'm done I will make a few pillows.


  1. DUH!!!! why have I not thought of this omg!!!! I could even think of a few stuffies that could use some extra UMPH!

  2. You have shared a great idea! I hope your weekend has been going great.


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