Monday, March 26

Mosaic Monday, fabric heart cutout mosaic. Paper doll lace babydolls to color.

Thank you once again for stopping at my Mosaic Monday,
If you want to see the real thing visit Amanda the mommy of mosaics.

I've been patiently cutting hearts out of clothes I didn't wear much anymore.
I'm going to sew them onto a throw, I'm already having fun. 

These dresses I drew for a follower on Facebook who wants a crochet dress
And I drew this paper doll to draw all the dresses I would like to make.
If you download and color these dresses please upload them to my FB page


  1. Your mosaics always look so great! Very creative. Your crochet designs are also lovely. I can crochet. I need to try and crochet a dress some day. Have yourself a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. Thank you Judy. You should crochet a dress, we all would love to see it.

  3. nice!! I can't wait to see your throw! :)

  4. Thank you. I can't wait to finish it.


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