Monday, March 5

Mosaic Monday. Handmade jewelry mosaic. Belly dancer costumes to color.

It's Monday and I'm posting on schedule! Amanda must be so proud! Mosaic Monday was her idea, come and pay her a visit at Ulixis crafts I must say my last mosaic was a success reaching an incredible 130 views on the first day, in a week the post made the popular post list, my wire ribbon mosaic made the list too, proving once again that Mosaic Monday was a great idea. Thanks Amanda.
  This is some jewelry I've made. Some of the materials are recycled from two old necklaces that broke. Say good bye to gold! This is ribbon jewelry.
This is the last belly dancer outfits I finished(before coloring) I am loving them!
On my mind this week: I will turn 25 on Wednesday! And like a gift from God, I have that day off.


  1. You're welcome! I'm so glad to hear that!

    Lovely mosaic - I reallllllly like those dangly chain earrings. I love recycling old jewelry into new pieces!

    Happy (early) birthday! We're almost the same age (1986 baby right here)! :)

  2. Thank you Amanda. I like those earrings too! Just a few months wiser!

  3. They are lovely,thanks for sharing with us at Creative Monsday:)

  4. Thank you so much Clairejustine. My pleasure.

  5. Your jewellery and designs look wonderful. Again I wish you a wonderful birthday!

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