Friday, April 27

How to avoid getting sick at public restrooms. Custodian bad habits uncovered.

My poem:

"The Lazy Custodian"

The lazy custodian
Sits down on a chair,
After ten minutes working
He is up for a break.

Two naps in the closet,
One nap in his truck,
Ten cigarette breaks,
Three hours of lunch.

There's mice in the kitchen,
On his shoe, there's mold.
A roach infestation,
He hasn't yet caught.

He faints at the thought
Of sweeping the stairs,
And he hasn't dusted
For three years straight.

He thinks he is the best
Custodian he knows.
That's why in his closet,
Filth covers the floor.

He jumps from the chair,
His boss woke him up.
I swear that I am sick!
You are fired, go home!

Thank you for reading!
Have a great day :) 


  1. I used to write a LOT of poetry back when I was younger, I have a ton of it around and even on my deviantart account. I would love to start doing that again. Love your poems!

  2. Thank you. You should join

  3. Haha ! This was nice.
    Quite pacy, scenes passed like anything.

    Good read :D

  4. Yikes, I hope he doesn't work in any of the restaurants I frequent!

  5. thanks for the lovely poem. (and picture).
    brightens up my day after a day at work on a weekend.
    no, i didn't take a three hours lunch. :)

  6. Unfortunately I've been in a few buildings where this fellow "works"
    Love your drawing too!

  7. Thanks to all whp read my poem, unfortunately I didn't make any of this stuff up! I just watched!

  8. The drawing was a custodian too, sleeping is what he did most of.


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