Sunday, April 22

Meet Eve my new Facebook paper doll, to color.

She lives in my also new sketch book and my Facebook page.
This is the only paper doll I have ever seen with long hair that's not in the way.
She is my Facebook doll because I am going to share some outfits only there.

For the paper doll lovers, draw shoes and stockings,
Add prints to the clothes and color,
Get creative on the blank paper,
Share back with me on Facebook.

Clothes coming soon plus a finished, colored paper doll.

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Su nombre es Eve.
Dibuja zapatos y medias. 
Coloreala y comparte conmigo en Facebook.


  1. I used to love these when I was a kid. Making glamorous outfits all of my own design. Why not?!

  2. Hi The Belly Dancer,
    You are so good at drawing the paper dolls and making designs. Oh, how I wish I could draw! Thanks for adding this to Creative Monday and have a wonderful week.

  3. saveeverystep I expect to see some very glamorous outfits :)

  4. Thank you so much Judy. Always happy to link up with you and Clairejustine. Judy if you think you can't draw, that's probably why you don't. A lot of it is trying, and an I can do anything attitude. So try sometime. You have a great week too.

  5. your work is fabulous...I remember loving this when i was a little fun!

  6. Thank you so much. And you are never too old for paper dolls.

  7. thats a really cool drawing!!
    hey i found you through moms bookshelf & more and am now following you, i hope you can follow me back at

  8. Thank you Bailey. I am of course following you back. Enjoy your weekend.


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