Friday, April 27

"The Romance of Atlantis" a different kind of book review 2


"If they were honest, they would not trust themselves"
Mahius (Salustra's right hand) talking about the senate.

"The small child and the old men are the wisest philosophers"

"Men are but beasts,
greater than the ordinary beast only because they are more cunning"
Signar, Salustra's conqueror and husband to be.

"Man takes himself too seriously. In himself he sees the the center of the universe
and in this misconception he has built a civilization full of falseness, lies and hypocrisies"
Philosopher of Salustra's university.

"Only a true cynic can enjoy life utterly. He has no regrets,
no anticipations, no disappointments. He lives easily, for nothing can disturb him"

"Hatred, love, wind and sun, adversity and prosperity, health and illnesses
all pass with time and nothing is worth desire, regret or sorrow"

"Much as I desire to refrain from insulting the ape, I must confess that I am so assured"
Biologist when Signar asked if he was sure about men's evolution from apes.

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