Tuesday, May 15

Handmade paper fans. Abanicos de papel hechos a mano.

I made these fans about a year ago or longer.
I made them at my old job while on break since it was so hot.
All my coworker loved them.
The blue on the handles is tape.
I learned how to make them in Cuba.

Fans are a must have for summer.
I will show everyone how to make these very soon. 

Here is something else I made using tape.
This tape ball took a lot of time and patience
So I treasure it. 

Have a good day for now :)


  1. Great idea especially with a hot summer approaching! Thanks for sharing this on Creative Monday. The tape ball is also lovely. Have a good day!

  2. Thank you so much Judy. I'm sure using the fan lol as it's really hot here where I live at already.


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