Monday, May 21

Mosaic Monday. Crochet stockings.

It's Monday again and a mosaic is due. 
Before you even look down visit Ulixis The Mosaic Master.
Some people mentioned about my paper doll Eve's stockings.
Here is the stockings I crocheted by hand.
I'm so very proud of them I had to immortalize them on a paper doll.
Eve (What a coincidence that's my name too) is my newest paper doll
To get her and many more sign up for my FREE paper doll mail list

Click to view the crochet stockings. 


  1. Nice! I love knee- & thigh-high stockings!

  2. A beautiful mosaic as usual! You can crochet such a wide variety of things! Wonderful!

  3. Thank you Judy. You can crochet everything and I love that! Have a nice day.

  4. Hi :D I came across your belly dancing post and I had to check it out. :) I just started belly dancing and I love it! :D Love your posts. I love your crochet stockings I wish I could crochet I would definitely make one! I am following for sure.


  5. Thank you so much for your kind words! I love belly dancing and I love to crochet all kinds of things. Thank you so much for following me and I will definitely follow you back!


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