Thursday, May 17

Mosaic Monday, Purple. Violeta.

Please visit and follow Amanda's blog.
She's the mommy of mosaics.
Purple is my favorite color. It's just so beautiful and relaxing. 
Here is some of my favorite purple pictures 

What's your favorite color?


  1. My favourite colour seems to change every 5-10 years - right now I'm loving orange!

  2. I love purple. It is one of my favorites. I'm following you back from What's cooking in the burbs. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great weekend!

  3. Lol Amanda that's very cool. I seem to love no color but purple, I make myself wear different ones.

  4. Thank you so much Bridget. I am happy to follow you, have a nice day.

  5. That dress is SO pretty! You design all these? You are really good! Purple and pink are actually my two favorite colors---very girly but I love them!

  6. Thank you. I didn't actually design this dress but I've done others I have to post! I love the purple-pink combination!


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