Saturday, May 26


I was 15 in this picture. 
On this day me and my brother, sister, some friends and cousins had sooo much fun.
it was my quinceañera and this was Cuba.
This place is called El Mirador, located on top of a mountain, you can see everything from there.
On the original I can see tiny palm trees and the mountains in the back are a light blue. 

My hair was that long but I'm proud to say it's even longer ten years later.


  1. what a great happy memory thank you for sharing it, my 9 year old just donated her long hair along with her dad . i love the cactus pictures below also :))

  2. Lovely picture! It is good that you have it to remember this special moment.

  3. Yes, Judy it is. I have lost so many pictures that I hold the ones I have left like treasures!


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