Sunday, November 25

I'm a mom now! And a poem.

If you remember me you might wonder where I went.

I haven't been hiding under a rock...
I didn't move back to Cuba...
I did not fall off the planet.

Still my life has been greatly shaken in the past few months.

Long story short
  • I got pregnant after trying for only 5 years.
  • Since we tried for so long I didn't realize I was pregnant and thought I was sick and dying.
  • Finally believed that I was at 2 months.
  • I started cooking.
  • Had a baby prematurely at 6 months! It's a girl!
  • She's been in the hospital for 6 weeks and 5 days.
  • She might come home in 4 weeks.

Now even though I haven't been blogging I've been doing other things:

  • Reading a lot about pregnancy and premature babies.
  • Making baby clothes.
  • Finding patterns.
  • Writing poems, mostly for my little darling.
  • I almost moved to the hospital.
  • Pumping milk and pumping milk and pumping some more! 

Do I have things to share on my blog?    Yes!

  • Gorgeous handmade blankets, some of which came all the way from Cuba!
  • Baby clothes.
  • A pregnant paper doll and a baby paper doll! Been drawing baby clothes like a mad woman!
  • Drawings of course. 
  • Preemie patterns. 
  • Lots of poems.

There's only one thing I don't have yet and that is pictures. I will make time for that.
You will love my crochet booties with ribbon flowers! 

Don't worry, I am not going to write about how my daughter is the most gorgeous little girl in the world.

Even though she might be!

Here is a poem I wrote for my angel.


Santa Claus of long grey beard,
Never did I ask for gifts
But this Christmas with much hope
I expect a little thing.

I don't play games or want toys.
I don't need friends or a pet.
For a gift I want an angel
And please I want her to stay.

My angel is six weeks old.
Daughter of friendship and love
But like angels who come early
At the hospital she stayed.

I want her at home for Christmas,
Cookies I'll leave out for you
And come next year, I promise
I'll play to be Santa Claus!

Anybody else thinking of Christmas?


  1. sweet! Good luck to you and your new angel! Hope you get your wish!

  2. Welcome back! Congratulations on the birth of your little girl. I pray that everything will go fine and she will be home for Christmas. Beautiful post with a lovely poem. Take care and I wish you and your little girl all the very best.

  3. Arr welcome back,lovely poem and such wonderful new on your baby girl :) I hope she's home with you very soon :)congratulation ...

  4. Thanks a lot Danni, Judy and Claire Justine.

  5. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I hope you get to bring your little sweetheart home soon! I hope you both are doing well!


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