Saturday, March 30

Gorgeous Lace Up Bootie Design To Color.

What's more beautiful than a sky high heeled laced up bootie with a big bow?

The colored version! 
What is fashion without shoes?!?

If you'd like to download and color this darling shoe please upload to my Facebook page.
Thank you and enjoy it.

I have drawn shoes for my paper dolls for a while now but it wasn't until the 26th that I started drawing them on my new Fashion Illustration Sketch Book. This is my 3rd design and the second most striking. The colored version is coming up soon. 
Too bad I can't make my own shoes.

What colors do you think would look good in this shoe?
I was thinking red and black but I have another shoe sketch I want to color red and black. 

This is an original design. Please do not share without linking back. Do not copy or change this drawing in any way. Thank you.

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