Wednesday, March 27

Recycled Paper Doll To Color.

What a better way to recycle paper than to draw a paper doll.

This particular paper had a blank side, 
But paper dolls look cute also on a colorful scrap of paper.

For a while I've been wanting a back view paper doll and here it is.
I drew and cut this one in two hours on the 23rd of march 2013.

This is the first paper doll I've cut since I was a child
And I enjoyed it. 
I'm much better at cutting along the lines too.
It was so much fun to put the dresses on the doll.
I couldn't resist but to share her all dressed up.

I had nothing but a blue pen the day I drew her. 
But I'm coloring her with an awesome set of pens with gorgeous colors I bought.
So this modest paper doll and her modest dresses will have 
The most beautiful colors on my blog so far. 

And why waste my time drawing anything other than dresses?

Please download and color this paper doll. 
The other two dresses are on Facebook.

This doll was drawn on just one sheet of paper.
Please recycle so we may have tomorrow.

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