Friday, April 26

Belly Dancer Paper Doll Cutout.

I finished this lovely Belly Dancer paper doll on February of 2012.
If you'd like to own this doll please email me at
The doll shown in the picture is the non colored version of my finished doll,
which I could not bear to cut.

I love belly dancers and had to make an all belly dancing costumes dress up doll.
Now I need a new one and I'm working on her. 
I have an outline and a lot of costume sketches so far.

Find the uncut dresses along with more paper doll fun on my Facebook page

 This is the second doll I've cut since I was a child
 I cut her to play with my baby (she's 4 months corrected age) and she loved her.
 I dressed the doll up and made her dance, my baby was all smiles.

Layers, layers and more layers. I love layered belly dancer outfits.
I loved how this dress turned out 
but the purple and blue are no match to the red and blue above.
A word of advise to all my belly dancers out there.
Long fringe is lovely, however, it tangles, I've tried.

Dance wear is all I want to sketch these days.
I have a nice surprise coming soon for all the dancers out there. 

There's nothing better than a colorful belly dancer.

The doll and all her dance costumes were finished with colored pencils.

My favorite girl games was to draw clothes for my paper dolls 
and make them for my barbie.
I didn't actually play with them.
Of course those clothes were not as good as these ones.
I don't like sleeves on my dresses unless they are this cute.
I showed this costumes to a friend and what she liked most was the fringe on these sleeves .
Some day I'm going to have to show everyone how to draw fringe.
It's really fun.
I couldn't get the top to this skirt to stay on in the printer
But here you can see her uncolored top and jewels.
I realized with this paper doll that dresses are much easier to put and keep on.
I'm going to find a better approach for skirts and tops.

If you draw a lot please use recycled paper.
Let's keep our planet green for our children.

Enjoy the rest of your day and if you have nothing to do, why not spend the day belly dancing?
I'm going to work on a sketch.

So, how much do you or your little ones love paper dolls?

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