Tuesday, April 9

Computer Generated Belly Dancer Costume.

Just now I finished my very first computer design.
I love designing costumes and the first one had to be a Belly Dancer outfit.
The hardest part to draw was the fringe.
The top was difficult too, the skirt was easy.
The veil being the last piece I added, was the easiest
The veil was plain alone which is why I drew the flowers on her hair.

I might design a version of this dress for my new paper doll Djinna
Which I've been working on and it's turning out great.
You'll see many new belly dancer dresses soon enough.

I didn't think I was going to share the first design but I'm very pleased with it.

I used a trial version of Edraw Max
I really like it but I won't be buying it, it's expensive and I rather draw on paper.

That being said if you have the money for it, go ahead. 
It's greener than drawing on trees AKA paper however I like to use recycled paper.

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