Sunday, May 12

Dancer Paper Doll.

Dear reader of my blog please enjoy this free paper doll.

This beautiful doll's name is Jessica,
Named after a girl she looks like.
Jessica is of course a dancer.
 Every doll needs a gorgeous dress
And a colorful spring bathing suit.

Something every doll needs on this blog is a dance costume.
And that's because I like to dance so much.
A little bird told me that there's some flamenco dancers coming soon.

I started cutting out my dolls and actually putting the clothes on.
I can show you some pictures, it's so much fun.

Here is my new Conga dancer costume.
With peacock shoes ready for the carnival.

My first had to be a peacock tattoo.

What can I say about belly dancers that hasn't been said before?
I love them and truly adore their costumes.
That's why I'm constantly drawing them.

I drew this doll  in about 3 hours on recycled paper.
I colored her with colored pencils and the feathers with pens.
Please enjoy her as I had.

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