Monday, June 24

Shark Stiletto Illustration And Free Foot Template

Live by my motto 
If you can draw anything why not draw incredibly hot shoes?

What would fashion be without high heels?
(Certain people would have more money for one.)

I'm not a fan of flats
But aren't heels pretty and sexy and feminine...
And aren't the fiercest shoes ankle booties?
I just love them!

Sharks are the second most frightening creatures according to me.
Crocodiles come first, maybe because I've seen them more often
A shark high heel shoe has been on my to do list for a while
And here it is, my very first shark.

shark shoes have to have red heels and blood stained teeth.
It is the eyes of the sharks I dislike the most, even more than the teeth

Passionate about fashion?
 Why not try your hand at fashion illustration today
Want to learn how to draw shoes?
You have come to the right place.
You can create all the cool shoes you'd like with my free foot template
Don't know how to draw a shoe using this template 

I hope this template inspires you to create great illustrations
Know that I only pin the greatest pins

If you do become inspired don't forget to share your art back with me

I use recycled paper

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