Saturday, July 6

Beautiful Gown And Long Hair Fashion Illustration

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And contact me and tell me what you'd like me to illustrate next.

This was a super quick job that I fell in love with.
 I could not decide whether to color her or not because I though she looks perfect already.  
So I have decided to draw another one, 
I already started: I have a line drawn (not even a curve). 
Maybe color her red and hang her on the wall behind my baby's crib with my pink bride.
 As everybody should know I love long hair and beautiful gowns 
 I also love personalized gifts and so do your friends and relatives. 
If you are looking for a personalized gift or party treats or the most unique piece of wall art consider Eve today. 
You won't be disappointed. 

 This fashion illustration was drawn with a pen on recycled paper 

Cheers to a very creative day.



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