Friday, July 5

Pink Stiletto. Shoe Template

Remember my shoe templates?
Today I'm sharing a coloring page made using the first template.
But first I'll show you the colored version
I hope this illustration and my shoe templates inspire you to create something beautiful

This shoe inspired me to draw my Shark Stiletto
The pink lightning made me think of shark teeth
I did not use this template for the shark stiletto
I actually shared a foot template with it, click the link to get it.
A shark heel coloring page is not available, I can make one if you ask nicely though

This wonderful shoe illustration is free for everyone to download
If you or your little girls enjoy coloring this drawing

If you like fashion illustrations and coloring pages this is the blog for you
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Please let me know in the comments if you like this illustration 
And if you'd like to download it.
Tell me what you like to color and what you'd like to see in the future
Thank you for your time.
Enjoy your day


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