Thursday, September 5

Paper doll-ing

Meet one of my new paper dolls

Liz is a ten year old girl
For little Liz I have some of the best dresses in mind
And a few costumes.
And what do you think of her ruffle shorts?
I will have to make some for my baby when she's bigger
Liz's hair is long to the ground as I always wanted mine to be.

Sorry I cropped her but don't worry
This is a free paper doll and I wish every little girl could download her
And share her with all the little girls they know.
I will upload Liz as soon as I have the first page to color
And of course there's going to be many more in the future
Until I get my next girl paper doll.

Liz is my first girl paper doll
Before I only drew women dolls
But since I had my baby I've been drawing girls
I have lots of baby outfit designs but need a baby doll

What colors would go good in her outfit?


  1. Thank you and yes, I love paper dolls, been drawing outfits for them since I was a child and since I'm all grown now now I also draw the dolls. Thank you for visiting Ali


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