Tuesday, October 15

Alie, Children's Story Character Paper Doll

I was hired to design a few characters for a movie on Freelanced.com
Based on the book The Untold Legends Of The Lost Treasure
The writer asked for a beautiful girl in a black and white dress amongst other characters.

So I drew her as a paper doll, wearing modern dresses

I went out of my way to not make her look like a fashion model
since I draw them so often.
Instead I wanted a realistic feel to her body
With an anime inspired face,
And the hair, honey colored, finished my brown pen!

Talking more with the author I found out the story is set in 1895 England
Nearing the end of the Victorian Era.
And I said to Simon Kang, the author, I better change the costumes
Because unless they time traveled these dresses are not appropiate for the time.

So I printed her face, erased even her hair and re-dressed her!
Which was not a problem at all! I was excited to do it!
She looks like a princess now!

I will share more illustrations later as well as more info on the movie

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