Tuesday, October 22

Alie's Underwear. Historical Fashion, Victorian Corset Study

Alie is one of the main characters of the movie
~The Untold Legends Of The Lost Treasure~
The movie characters are being designed by me.

She has a boyfriend, Bradley ~we call him B~ who is number one in the story
(But we only care about her)
Simon Kang (that's the writer) if you are out there
I do care about B but here we only talk about dresses
Or mostly...

And if B wears the pants in the story...
She sure wears the dresses!

To the point:
But when I found out the story was set on 1895 I had to draw new dresses.

I of course started with her underwear 
Knowing that her corset would change the shape of her waist.
Alie is wearing a corset, a undershirt and drawers long to her knees,
A little hat, gloves, stockings and shoes.

This is a coloring page and everyone is invited to color it.
If you do, please share back on my Facebook page
Or blog and tweet @paperdolleve

Alie is a paper doll and her dresses can be found uncolored on my portfolio

Come back for the colored dresses.
I am coloring them tonight.

And I have so much to share with you.

Until then

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