Wednesday, October 23

Little Sisters Coloring Page

Download and color these beautiful girls
And I will share them here.

The long hair girl is me as a little girl
And the short hair girl is my sister
Even though her hair looks beautiful long and grows fast 
She is a short hair kind of girl

I have always been a long hair kind of girl 
I have only cut it twice in my life 
Once when I was in High School and we were having a big school party 
And I didn't know what to do with my hair so I cut it

The second time about two or three years later
My new boyfriend at the time (who is still mine)
Didn't like it at all.

Long hair acts as a shawl warming your back and arms.
I felt cold when I cut mine.
But that is not happening again until I'm very old
And look like a witch with long gray hair

For now it is the longest it's ever been
I'm going to leave you with that 
And wishing all a good morning
And a good week
And a better year.


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