Wednesday, October 16

The Untold Legends Of The Lost Treasure, Children's Books Illustration

I drew a new illustration of the characters I'm designing for a movie.
The movie is based on the book The Untold Legends Of The Lost Treasure
Written by Simon Kang who I met on

The main characters of the story are Alie and Bradley

They met as children and are best friends.
Alie and Bradley (I call them A and B)
Grow up to be treasure hunters, imagine the thrill!
They find a treasure, battle pirates and Bradley rescues Alie from the pirates.
Sounds like a story filled with action and fun.

The story is set in England, 1895.
That last sentence is actually the best part!
Don't love the time, the era?
The gorgeous gowns?
The lovely hats?
New women on bicycles?

I know someone who is very excited about the costumes on this book.
The costume designer!

I sketched the most beautiful dresses and hats
I had already drawn Alie grown up as a paper doll wearing modern clothes
So I dressed the doll in a corset and drew two new dresses
And two hats.


    Here is the link for the book, eve.

  2. Thank you for sharing the link Simon Kang


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