Thursday, April 2

Ten Creative Ways To Celebrate National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month
Celebrations should be poetic and creative
Here is ten creative ways to celebrate this month

Ten Creative Ways To Celebrate National Poetry Month
  1. Write a poem every day, first timers write at least one poem this month (it'll be fun)
  2. Frame a poem, either your favorite poem or one written by you
  3. Gift poems: For personalized gifts, hire a freelancer
  4. Print a poem on a T-shirt
  5. Are you bilingual? Translate a poem or write a bilingual poem
  6. Organize or participate in a poetry reading (at school, homeschool, work, the library, church, your community)
  7. Don't write poems? Journal your favorite poems (Great activity for girls)
  8. Collaborate with a poet: I wrote a poem with freelancer Andy Kuhn
  9. Sing a poem: Write a song or put music to your favorite poem
  10. Participate in a poetry exchange with a friend, family member, classmate, coworker or loved one.

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