Tuesday, January 2

Bear Hat

I made this hat for my daughter out of an old jacket of mine. I bought the jacket in Michgan when I lived there. It was super warm and cozy, perfect for Michigan weather. I brought the jacket to Arizona and wore it less than a month a year. Eventually the jacket broke but I kept it for a while knowing there's something I can make with the fake fur that was the lining of it.
And then I thought of making a bear hat. I cut the hood and made it smaller to fit her head. Cut out bear ears (this was the fun part) Then I attached the ears to the hat (this was the hard part). Then I added ties so she could tie it up and that was it.
It was a lot of work and she loved it at first but doesn't want to wear it anymore. I'm going to hide it and give it to her later or save it for one of her baby sisters.

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