Saturday, January 27

Pink Room Decor for Girls DYI

 Some of you are regular followers of this blog, thank you very much! I owe and love you so much!

If you are a regular of this blog then you must have noticed that I was gone for a long long while. There were no  personal posts for about a year and a half, nothing but automatic posts that share from my Heels/ Tacones (Spanish for heels) Pinterest shared board (let me know if you would like to join)

I came back around in December 2017 when I remembered my roots

Since, I have posted some great things I made while I was on break when I was still busy making things for me, my kids and my house:
Handmade Christmas Light up Dress.
Handmade crochet blanket
Poem I wrote: Good and bad
Handmade Bear hat from old jacket

Here is a picture of something else I made while on break, Ceiling Curtain, Christmas lights and hanging stars.
Actually I didn't make this curtain, it was a gift from my mom, I just pinned it to the ceiling. Inspired by Pinterest. I cut the stars out of cardboard, punched a hole through them and put glitter glue all over them, then tied each to the end of a thread which I taped to the ceiling. I also used tape to hold the Christmas lights. The art on the walls are my drawings that I have shared in the past.

By the way if you follow this blog and would like me to follow you back, leave me a comment or message me on Pinterest, send me a smoke signal or something because I want to follow you back! I have tried to follow my followers but their picture does not work as a link to their blogs. So please let me know where and I will follow you

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