Saturday, April 7

2018 year update

Hello Blog readers,

I am excited to talk to you today and share good news about myself.

2018 barely started but it has been an amazing year so far. I am on track to meet all my resolutions, I didn't even see this coming. So many things have happened that I will give you a list:

1. I bought my first house in March. I'm in the process of organizing. I already moved in but a lot of my stuff is still in the garage. I'm overwhelmed and tired from the move but projects are coming which you will read about.

2. I joined doTERRA as a wellness advocate in February. I loved essential oils but didn't know doTERRA. I fell in love at a health fair at my job and immediately signed up to sell their oils because they are Certified Pure therapeutic grade, simply the best oils and they also sell great supplements. I'm the one going to health fairs now and I love it.

3. I'm looking for new ways to earn an income. First of all, I am searching for a new job; I do have a more than full time job that's not something I talk about here, this is only a platform for fun! I am searching for a better job that will pay me more. This is not an accomplishment yet but will be this year, in fact I talked to a hiring manager and asked for an interview and he agreed to it, happening in about two weeks.

4. I got a new phone. Very exciting because my old one was shattered! My kids dropped it, but it was old and no good before the big drop so I'm very happy to replace it. Soon I will need to fix my laptop, which is having problems. Both of this will help me document and blog.

5. This one relates to the first. I have identified an office space in my home. It is a room that we will not be using for now. It's far from ready and for now it's a storage space for all my art and craft supplies and my children's. Soon you will read more about it.

6. I have become more social. I started using Instagram and Snapchat in December and have been using them regularly (took a break for moving).

Follow me here:

Art Instagram:
Personal Instagram: @eve.sanchez87
Snapchat: girlie.dragon (name chosen by my daughter)

7. I've decided to become a YouTuber. I created  an account about six years ago and uploaded one video. Last year I decided to start again. I uploaded a few more videos in the past three months. Now a friend wants to be a YouTuber as well and we're making plans to contribute already. Planning on making lots of art videos.

The only negative is I've been really busy.

I wish the start of your year has been as productive as mine.

Let me know in the comments how your resolutions are going and any more plans you might have.

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