Tuesday, June 5

DoTERRA Essential Oils DIY. Sunscreen

I was tasked with researching the topic of sunscreen, specially how to make your own using essential oils. I taught a class in the subject and we made sunscreen and an after sun relief spray using doTERRA essential oils and other safe and natural ingredients. 

I learned the difference between chemical and mineral sunscreens and how dangerous chemical sunscreen can be.

Research suggests that some chemicals in sunscreen negatively affect men and women's fertility. Some chemicals in sunscreen might even cause cancer, the very thing we're trying to avoid by wearing sunscreen. I cannot share the video with you since it's a doTERRA member only learning Facebook page but if you have skin and ever go out in the sun, research this topic.

 Additionally, if you want the recipes, privately message me. Email DOTERRA REQUEST to paperdollme@mail.com.

Do you ever DIY with essential oils?

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