Saturday, October 27

"Half Good" You don't want a girl who's bad. You don't want one who's too good. The reason you love me is I'm only half good. That's it. 🙈🙉🙊 I have 4 new poems to post, 3 from last week that I just transferred to this kind of paper and this one that I wrote today. The illustration is new but the lingerie design is borrowed from a doodle I did years ago, she, and specially the hair is inspired by Jessica Rabbit. Long because I have long hair and if you pay attention, most of my drawings (99.9%) have long hair. I burnt the edges of the 4 papers on a 🔥 I made last night, it was fun and warm and saved me many lighters! The poem was inspired by my handsome amor who after joking that it's not easy to find good girls, I joked that that's why he found a good girl like me and he told me I was only half good! He tried to retract by saying that didn't mean I wasn't good but he meant that a girl who's too good is not that great either. I love and appreciate honesty and so decided to write this poem. Thank you for reading my poem. Follow me if you loved it. Feel free to share it (with a link to my profile) and let me know what you thought, your comments help me figure out what to post about. And if you need a poem or a fashion illustration, message me please.


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