Wednesday, October 24

Here is a belly dancer costume illustration for my artsy followers. I've been writing and sharing a lot of poems and it was time to post for you. I am working on an amazing new fashion illustration. Here's a clue: It's a beautiful and fast (unlike this belly dancer) fashion illustration of a fashion article that's my favorite because I love to wear and make them. There's a cool drawing on the fashion item inspired by an old doodle I loved. And yes, there's a poem on it, one I love very much, the poem is inspired on the doodle as well. I want to tell you all about it, but I'll leave it at that. If you're intrigued, come back tonight or tomorrow. Also I almost forgot I have great news! My poems (to be written) will be featured on a new online magazine. I will give you the info regarding the magazine and how you can get the online version for free once the poem is ready. The topic is nature and hiking and benefits of being in nature. How fitting! I love nature hikes, check out all my hiking pictures on my other profile @eve.sanchez87


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