Friday, October 26

"I'm the wind" I'm like the wind Fresh, pure, and clean Playful, endless, and free. Another haiku example, one I'm particularly proud about. I mentioned before that I didn't even like haikus until I wrote one about a month ago which I still have to share and have an idea for. This poem from my poetry journal, which is filling up real fast, is really cool because it shows the steps in my creative process in colors. I didn't mean to do this, but I lose my pens so I started the poem in blue ink, then didn't know how to finish it, on another day, I reviewed all my unfinished poems and the last line as well as a title came to my head. This is how I write many poems. Some are born in full length but sometimes I think of a cool line or a cool topic or a cool title and write it down on a journal page and sometimes, the inspiration dies there (I still have a few one liners) but I check through the unfinished pages often, adding something here, changing something there and many good ones have been written this way. Readers and poetry lovers of the web. Thank you for your attention and if you love poetry and art please follow, I have many more poems to share and many more to write and I have big plans which you'll have to come back to learn about. Thank you and everyone have a safe and fun night and stay inspired!


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