Sunday, October 14

"One day" Follow your dreams I'll follow mine. We'll meet again, Along the way When our universes Have aligned. 2018 This is one of my new poems which I've kept almost 100% secret. Only my mom and a friend have read it. Consider yourself lucky. I started a new poetry journal last month and I wrote a lot of good poems so far (of course I'm biased) so keep on watching for some great short poems coming up. In case you are new here, my poems are about love, inspiration, love, inspiration, and love with just a little touch of dark to keep them interesting. What's fresh about my new poems is i have a new attitude about writing so I'm almost starting from scratch so if you're tired of poetry that makes you want to cry, read mine because it is engineered to make you feel good and relaxed. And continue to watch because I have a project up my sleeve with these great new poems. Like and share and follow me if you love poems like I do! Thanks for readingšŸ˜˜


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