Tuesday, October 30

"Small Talk" Hello. How are you? I'm great. A lie. The weather is nice. Did you hear about Jane? Have a good day. Small talk makes Pathetic poems. Your life is a poem, Let's get deep! I remember this guy at work, an engineering supervisor who asked me how I was doing or something like that and he was a bit of a joker. Can't remember if I completely ignored him or what. I told him I didn't want to make small talk which absolutely got his attention because this guy is a man of words. I told him we have no time for small talk why don't we talk about something meaningful and important. He was let's say stimulated. Now I'm not this rude to people. This is a person I knew and a very playful in a business like and respectful but funny way. Anyways, I've always had the problem of people wanting to chat endlessly about meaningless stuff, this people label me as shy or someone who doesn't care about anything. I simply know that we only live once (wait, I don't know that, I've been listening to YouTube videos about past and future life's just for the pleasure of it but I guess everything is possible) so wasting time is not an option! Waste an hour and you won't get it back. Waste a lifetime and maybe your soul won't be given a choice of a re-encarnation.


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