Friday, November 23

Love and Life Poetry With Eve Sanchez Podcast. Ep 1: "I'll take care of your ego"

Hello everyone,
I briefly mentioned the new book I'm writing and I've started to think outside the box to promote it and my writings because the future I see of me in my head is me writing under a huge tree in the yard of my home! So I have to write and I have to share!
I've had a YouTube channel for years that I haven't done much with but I want to start using. But I decided instead of waiting to see when it feels right, I'll just start a podcast! So I did! Click on the link below to access episode 1. I shared the podcast episode on YouTube so that turned out great!
If you like it, make sure to return often. I plan on having many episodes and I'll make sure to share each on the blog. I will make them longer as I go but for now I will read one poem in each. I already have two more episodes ready! I'm very excited about this project and I have more projects up my sleeve so return to read about what I'm up to often if you love poetry.
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and have an amazing holiday and a great New year.
Thank you for reading.

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