Tuesday, November 20

My New Poetry Book

I'm writing a poetry book that I will publish next year. I'm in the process of adding more poems because even though I have a lot of really great ones already, I like quality and quantity. I want a minimum of 60 great poems. To see samples read some of my previous posts.

Until the book is ready, I am promoting the poems I do have which I put in a Word Doc. If you would like to get a copy by email, either comment, email paperdollme@mail.com or message me on Instagram @paperdolleve.art

Where do you promote your poetry?

If you love reading poetry or
you are a poet who needs to promote your poems, then join the Pinterest poetry group through the link below! It gets updated a lot, poetry lovers are very active! As are poets like myself. It's perfect really, busy poets writing and hungry (for knowledge and inspiration) readers devour any writings they can get their hands on. I love both poets and poetry readers, if you are either, let's connect!


If you are a member of any other poetry groups, please invite me!

And of course, follow me on Pinterest.

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