Monday, January 14

30. Hypnotized - Love And Life Poetry With Eve Sanchez Podcast

Episode 30 of the Love and Life Poetry With Eve Sanchez podcast. 
This poem is so clean, it's even angelic! 
Do not listen to this while driving or at work! 
Listen when you need to relax or calm down, 
When it's time to sleep, 
Or better yet, download and play it for your children at bed time 
(I will be doing this tonight!)

 Let me know how this worked for you. 
It's designed to deeply relax you. 
If I was a hypnotherapist (I am to mi amor) 
I would be calling this the get into a trance/ rejuvenate your thoughts 
With deep relaxation episode but really 
I just thought about some of the things that annoy us, tire us, slow us down, etc 
And tried to figure out what to say to somewhat relieve those issues. 
Of course this are just my words and for you to relax just by listening,  
You have to be open. 

So it doesn't matter how good my words are, 
What matters most is how open to this message you are! 
This poem is an exercise so for it to work for you, actually follow along! 
I'm certain that you can get results if you try. 
Remember that we have no idea of the awesome power our brain 
(and dare I say soul) 
Have so don't think of this as silly, 
Ask a self made millionaire and most likely he/she will tell you it was their MINDset 
or something like that that got them to the top. 
I'm not certain, I'll let you know when I'm a self made millionaire up there! 

Best quote from the poem: 
"Breathe in love, every particle in the air that glows 
Carrying wishes of love and good health for you" 

Don't forget this is also available on YouTube now!
Thank you for reading,
Your friend Eve

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Coming soon: A month of love poetry to welcome Valentine's day 💓 
A personalized poem giveaway (listen to episode 20 to win) 
Let's also talk about health (new podcasts in Spanish and English) 

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