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21. Goal Setting Inspiration. New Year Resolution Special - Love And Life Poetry With Eve Sanchez

21. Goal Setting Inspiration. New Year Resolution Special - Love And Life Poetry With Eve Sanchez

For Eve's goal setting and accomplishment special, 
listen starting on episode 19. 
Eve will offer tips and major inspiration 
to help you get to the top of the mountain that is your goals 
and why you should in the first place. 


Listen to find out how you can win a free personalized poem. 
It's simple, if you're reading this and have listened to the show before, 
you probably already qualify. 
The winner will be chosen on January 31.
 It could be in any topic you desire 
and for you or you could dedicate it to somebody else, 
it's your poem after all!

This episode was recorded while on the road and without any notes whatsoever! 
Eve kept on getting off topic 
and didn't explain why 21 is such a great number of episodes. 
For goal accomplishment, you must change your habits! 
This is the memorable quote from this episode. 
Either get rid of bad habits or create new good habits. 
To create a new habit, 
you must do that thing you want to become your habit 
21 days in a row, 
once you accomplish that you have created a new habit 
(or gotten rid of a bad one) 
For Eve 21 episodes is a huge number 
because even though they haven't been on a row yet, 
this podcast is only over a month old
 and the days when there's no podcasting Eve misses it!
 In 2019, one of Eve's goals is 
to podcast every day of the year, 
in about 15 days, 
daily podcasting will be Eve's new habit to accomplish this goal! 
Come listen to get inspired to create your best New Year Resolution ever 
and to actually go for the goals you want to accomplish. 

Mentions: Jim Kwik and Tony Robbins 
And for the first time ever Stuart Wilde 

Coming soon: 1. More goal accomplishment talk (Eve is passionate about this) 
2. More sex ed (consider Eve your new therapist) Remember that sex episodes get deleted after 1 week so download episode 18 before next Friday. It will never be available again! 
3. Some music 
4. We're going to complain about education and politics and question everyone! 
5. A video! It's time! 
Stay tuned 

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