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The First Kiss. A Love poem for Valentine's day. Love Poetry Link Up. Valentine's 2019 1 of 30

Do you have a poem to dedicate to
Your darling on Valentine's day?

If not, you're in the right place because
I have many!

First of all, if you're not listening to my podcast 
The Love And Life Poetry With Eve Sanchez Podcast
Start listening!
Love poems until February 14th, Valentine's day.
Also listen to episode 20 and find out how you can win a personalized poem on January 31st, 
perfect for Valentine's day!

I said on my podcast that to celebrate Valentine's day in 2019, (hint, I'm celebrating big!) I would read love poems for the entire month.
30 love poems!
I'm a little behind but I'm making up by
Also sharing the poems on this blog.
And more surprises coming!
Don't miss it if you love Valentine's day!

Here is the first love poem!


"The First Kiss"

Thoughts come and go
About our first kiss.
When you crossed the sea of energy
From your lips to my lips,
Creating ripples and waves
That I can still feel today.

How could I let go
Of that moment of Bliss?
Who could forget that very first kiss?
Those very few seconds
That changed our lives
And turned you from a stranger
Into the owner of my body and mind.


Things you can do with this poem for Valentine's day:
  1. Dedicate it to your love on his/ her Valentine Day card.
  2. Write him or her a love letter and include this poem. 
  3. Text it to him, imagine his response when he gets back to you!
  4. Send him an email if he is far away, including pictures, videos, and this poem 
  5. For young souls who live inspired: start a poetry journal where you write a poem on a page then draw beautiful drawings (typically hearts) all around it. (This was me! wait, it still is, although I've revamped my poetry journaling: I started writing my own poems and drawing my own drawings), you can keep your journal forever, give it to your children 15 years down the road, or give it to someone you know is a poetry lover, or you can show it to all your friends and let it pass from hand to hand.You can do this with your children with poems less sexy!

Other love poems from The Love And Life Poetry With Eve Sanchez Podcast
Episode 1. "I'll Take Care Of Your Ego" 

Your good friend,
Eve Sanchez

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