Friday, February 1

Giveaway Winners

Good morning all,

Love and Life Poetry With Eve Sanchez Podcast Giveaway News!
I decided to give away 3 poems instead of 1!

My daughters were very excited about the papers I cut and wrote people's names on 
And kept playing with them.
So I let them each choose one, that's how come I now have three winners!
Congratulations to all three winners and don't forget to still follow my podcasts
Because I will have many more poem giveaways in the future. 

I had this giveaway to say thank you to the amazing people who have followed me 
And stuck with me since I started this podcast around Thanksgiving 2018.
So thank you very much! I appreciate you all!

Here are the winners 

1. Paola 
Paola doesn't have a picture and might speak Spanish (A Spanish post is coming) 
2. Maria Perez (A Spanish speaking podcaster) 
3. Lo absurdo del internet (Another Spanish speaking podcaster)

So my English poetry podcast is by far the most listened to and most popular but
I do receive the most followers from Spanish speaking people like myself! 

So 3 poems will be given away but don't forget your time will come next time.

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