Tuesday, April 9

3 things I'm grateful for today.

I firmly believe that you attract into your life that what you are grateful for.

I also believe that practicing gratitude can raise your vibration (vibes is short for vibration). Good and bad vibes refer to vibrations. Good referring to high vibrations and bad to low ones.

Many spiritual teachers teach that practicing gratitude is a fast way to raise your vibrations and all self help speakers I follow, insist that being grateful every single day could have such an impact in your life that it could literally change you for the best. And the best parts is that it is free.

I have a success journal (tip from Tony Robbins who inspires me so much and who speaks a lot about being grateful) and on it I have a dedicated gratitude log however, I thought I might inspire some of my readers if I start a gratitude b-log which means I'll blog about what I'm grateful for most days. Would you follow this new trend?


1. I am grateful for Tony Robbins and all the other amazing teachers I've had. Follow the best yo become the best you.

2. I'm very thankful for an amazing temperature at the moment, a gorgeous sky, the blooming flowers, a nice breeze, and also for AC. Nature grounds me🌲🌴

3. I'm thankful for the future that I'm building for myself. Thankful for the changes I've manifested to make myself a little better to be able to achieve more. Thankful for the opportunities I find and that find me. Thankful for all the amazing people coming into my life, thankful for those who help me and those who I help.

And bonus:

I'm very grateful for you today. Thank you very much for reading this.

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What are you grateful for today?

Your good friend

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