Tuesday, April 9

5 things you didn't know about Eve Sanchez

Who is Eve Sanchez?
Me of course 😊
The creator of this blog.
The Poet/ Podcaster from Cuba.
The Love And Life lover.
The mother of 3 who's also happily in love 💗
The woman who believes she can change the world.

But those are all things I talk about often,
Nothing new to anyone who reads this blog, listens to my podcasts, or follows me on social media.

Today I want to share things that you would not know about unless you're part of my inner circle!


1. I believe in Aliens! 👽
2. I created a Spanish inspirational blog called De Camino Al Exito (on the road to success) dedicated to self help/ growth and business opportunities. I did this because this topic is insanely popular but there's not many options in Spanish so I decided to create the place where Latinos will learn and grow in the future (this project is about 1 month old but I have many plans for it)
3. I actually don't love taking my picture and always was scared of doing videos. You wouldn't believe this if you saw my Facebook page and my personal Instagram but I made myself do it! I trained myself to not care and share! I also used to think my voice didn't sound good at all when recorded, I was the first person who was pleasantly surprised with my Podcasts!

And bonus:
I'm designing T-shirts now. Just started last night. First topic? Aliens of course!
Design number 1 is genious and I'm planning other great designs of course, one thing I can't decide is:
Should design number 2 be about SEX
Or an inspirational poem?

This felt good!
I have to do this more often!

What would you like to read next?
I have more poems coming soon and some crafts (I've been crocheting)

Thanks for your time,
Your good friend

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